Whenever a person becomes obsessed with success, he quickly becomes restless.
— Thomas à Kempis

In 2005, I was absorbed.  I was using the popular platitude, “follow your passion” to justify my unhealthy pursuit of success. All of my headspace, all of my willpower, all of my time was spent chasing. Each day I hustled. Work hard enough, long enough, and maybe—just maybe—you’ll see your name in bright lights.

All the while, those things that mattered

My Spirituality
My Relationships
My Character
My Own Development

were deteriorating

I was sacrificing much in my pursuit, for what I now call the s-word. The irony, of course:

All of my frenzied activity was getting me no where 

I knew I was living life poorly. I needed to change.

So, I started making time for those things that I had thrown away.

  I rediscovered a God who wanted to be close to me

i realized relationships were my greatest asset

I quit focusing on "changing the world,"
and instead focused on changing myself

I set my sights on growth

Over the last ten years I’ve attempted to practice what I call the Fundamentals of Life.

Every day I:

Nourish my soul
Embrace discipline
Humble myself

Practice self-awareness
Foster important relationships
Learn something new
Keep things simple
Lead where I’m needed
Stretch in some way
And remind myself to be grateful in all things

My writings at Grow Daily center around these fundamentals. Every micropost and article is meant to stir you to growth.  If you're at all interested, take a few minutes and read some of my favorite microposts here. If you enjoy those, then give this article a shot. Finally, if all of this is resonating with you, consider signing up for my thought of the day. Each comes with a rich quote and a short insight.  

In today's world, it's easy to get swept up in an unhealthy desire for status and success. While we should always resist these glittering temptations, we should never let them deter us from developing. We should never let them keep us from pursuing excellence. And we should never let them stop us from acquiring virtue.

Through my own journey I’ve learned that the Good Life is a growth life


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