All great relationships, the ones that last, require productive conflict in order to grow.
— Patrick Lencioni

At my startup, we have been practicing organizational health for the last four years. Establishing this habit is one of the great gifts a founder gives to his team.

Once a month we all gather around a table and recount how each person has excelled in the last 30 days, genuine compliments here, nothing sappy or shallow. We also highlight past moments where we felt like someone dropped the ball, or did or said something that bothered or hurt another. 

These moments around the table can be tense, dramatic, even surprising. The beauty is we get all of the dysfunction out. All of the unspoken nuisances and festerings flee when everyone is honest, vulnerable, and willing to receive feedback with a generous heart.

There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t enjoy getting to the office and working with our team. I couldn’t say that about my previous company, however, in large part because we weren’t being intentional about staying healthy as a team.

Health is something you work at, it’s not something that naturally occurs. Cultivate it and enjoy the benefits.