Perfect seasons are rare, awesome, and most definitely not a pre-requisite to winning the big game. You never have and never will need a perfect record to be a champion.

Just ask the 2011 New York Giants. Remember their regular season record? 9-7. Ouch. They almost lost as many games as they won. Yet, this team somehow snuck into the playoffs and ended up winning the Super Bowl.

When it comes to habit formation, we need to rethink what winning looks like. Research is now telling us that perfection isn’t what’s important; it’s consistency that matters. In other words, when you begin kickstarting a new habit, forget the idea of amassing a perfect record, and, instead strive for a consistent one. Consistency is key because it implies not giving up. 

“Yeah, I messed up a few times, I made a couple of mistakes, but I’m going to learn, get back up, and keep at it.” 

Here are the two things to remember:  1. You don’t have to possess a perfect record to be a champion. And, 2. No champion ever became one by giving up.