We all have some ability that just comes naturally to us. This natural ability makes us, well… naturally good at something. We call it a gift or talent, and many believe it is something God-given.

While the gift is given to us, its benefits are meant for others. Yes, it’s true; we do receive significant benefits also. All gifts and talents, however, come with an obligation or duty to utilize them for the good of our neighbor. 

Are you a natural born leader? Naturally charismatic? Smart as a whip? Uncommonly disciplined? Strong? Quick? Creative? Persuasive? Persistent?

Congratulations: the gift is a great benefit.
Warning: the gift is also a great responsibility.

As the Proverbs suggest, if you work on your gifts, they will make a place for you. It's true...a man’s gift does make room for him—as long as he stewards it for others.