Your body will only last about a week without food & water. After 7 days (give or take) you die. How about your soul? How long can it last before it dies? 

I believe a soul never dies. The soul continues on long after the body gives out because the soul is that eternal part of who we are. But just because the soul cannot die, doesn’t mean it cannot be starved.

Just as you need three square meals a day, so also you need to cultivate soul-nourishing moments daily. You feed your soul when you:

  • Love another & allow yourself to be loved
  • Sacrifice for someone else
  • Read books that expand your mind
  • Reflect on your thoughts, words, and deeds
  • Stretch yourself in ways that make you uncomfortable
  • Lead a disciplined life
  • Open yourself up to a Higher Power

This kind of nourishment doesn't just keep you alive, it's what causes you to thrive. If you have a choice between skipping a meal or a moment to nourish your soul, do your eternal self a favor, skip the former.