Principles aren’t made to be broken, but every once and a while they ought to be bent. 

A principle is wisdom for living. It’s a bite-sized piece of philosophy that's been tried, tested and found true—usually. 

But principles must always be counterbalanced by circumstances. And sometimes circumstances dictate that a principle should be bent. The trick is to discern “when.” 

A principle I live by is “Persevere when it hurts.” It's good advice. Much good can come from pushing beyond my feelings of discomfort. Yet, if I apply it to every life situation, I can find myself holding onto things I should’ve let go of a long time ago. Sometimes letting go is the better, wiser choice.

Don’t set your principles in stone, and, at the same time, don’t break them whenever it’s convenient. Instead, discern when circumstances dictate that a principle should be relaxed. Then, by all means, bend.