There are only two types of speakers in the world: the nervous and liars.
— Mark Twain

Every month I get up and speak to my company. The setting is intimate. The group is small. And the pressure is always on. Even though I've been speaking for two years now, I still get uneasy and anxious as the day looms near.

Like most, I rarely feel comfortable getting up in front of people and speaking publicly. At work, no one is forcing me to do it. So why do I put myself through the torture? Because speaking in public is one of the fastest ways to grow.

Here’s what speaking in public does for you:
• It makes you commit
• It makes you think
• It makes you write
• It makes you rewrite
• It makes you repeat
• It makes you learn
• It makes you uncomfortable

And if the talk is not a complete disaster…

• It makes you happy

One way to level up fast is to incorporate teaching or public speaking into your schedule. It's one of the rare fertilizers for growth.