“You will find the key to success under the alarm clock.”
— Benjamin Franklin

If I had to pick one technological device that has made the biggest impact on my growth and success, it would easily be my alarm clock.

The reason is simple. My alarm clock is the doorway to that dedicated time each morning. It performs its customary duty every weekday at 5am. As long as I heed its call, I know I will spend a few hours of my morning in growth mode, and that growth will make a disproportionate contribution to my overall success.

You hear some say that you should be passionate enough to wake up without the aid of buzzers or jingles. Well, in my experience, passion doesn’t last. In fact, the only thing consistent about passion is that it comes and goes. No, I need the help of my trusty technological companion—my opportunity clock.

Remember, that god-awful sound your alarm clock makes in the wee hours of the morning is the sound of opportunity.