Upon setting new goals & resolutions, it's easy to get overwhelmed after the honeymoon wears off. Doesn’t it seem that the exuberance begins fizzling just weeks in? It’s at this time we begin looking back and forward.

We look back into our past and recall how passionate we were at the start. Now, all that remains is obligation. We also look forward. We begin piling up the new responsibilities, the new tasks, the new disciplines; we survey it all stacked together in one great pile, and begin to question our resolve.

I’ve been there. It’s an uncomfortable spot. If that’s you, here’s my advice: Dwell less on the past. And also quit brooding over the future. Instead, focus on what’s right in front of you. Ask yourself, “From where I stand, what small step can I take right now that will draw me closer to my goal?”

The past has passed. Accept it. The future isn’t guaranteed. Acknowledge it. The present is here. Live it.