Having a lot to do can be paralyzing. So much so that it can prevent us from doing anything. It's as if all of the overload flips a switch and powers us down. 

When this happens, the best thing I know to do is write out a list of everything you're needing to accomplish. Then—and this is key—don’t rank, prioritize, analyze, or sort the list at all. Forget about figuring out which task is most important, and just start somewhere. Starting somewhere has the benefit of getting you started.

It also begins building momentum and makes tackling whatever-comes-next easier. Repeat this enough times, and you may not need to choose randomly anymore. More momentum means more light, more clarity, more understanding. Ironically, you may now know exactly what you should do because you initially started somewhere.

Do you have a bunch of little things that need to get done? Write them all down, pick randomly, and get started.