Strengths are inherently good and we all have a handful. They can, however, go bad when we use them selfishly or overemphasize their importance in our lives. If we’re not vigilant, our strengths can degenerate into a weakness. 

People that are on the path of continual improvement know how to keep their strengths in check. They don’t let them overrun their critical thinking. They keep an open mind. And they always remember that their opinions are colored by their strengths. Therefore, they value, and are eager to hear, different perspectives.

A strength, we should remember, is a gift. While we can grow in it and always get better, it would be silly to say that the gift itself is something we earned. My greatest strength may be my drive, but I can use that strength to hurt others by pushing my work ethic on them. How about you? What is one of your strengths? And how can it degenerate into a weakness?