Ensuring continuity is an important, but pestering priority for filmmakers. An entire position is devoted to ensuring it is achieved. The script supervisor’s sole purpose is to maintain continuity throughout the filmmaking process so that the audience never experiences disorientation.

Wouldn’t it be nice to secure a script supervisor to ensure continuity in our own lives? Haven’t we all felt, at one time or another, like a big ball of contradictions? 

Alas! We ourselves are responsible for maintaining our own continuity. We do so by making sure our actions line up with our intentions. The moment we do as we intended, we experience a burst of fulfillment and satisfaction. When we don’t do as we intend, however, we experience a loss of orientation and, over time, a chronic case of defeatism. 

My advice is this: Don’t declare your intentions haphazardly.  Be sure you count the costs, because what’s at stake is more than just an objective, resolution or goal. When what you will no longer guarantees how you’ll act, you’re in danger of living rudderless.

When you make a commitment, keep it. See it through. Strive for continuity. There’s more at stake than you think.