Our mornings go a long way in setting the tone for our entire day. Just so, our evenings, too, set the trajectory for our mornings. Therefore, when we use the night to ready the day, we set up our mornings for success.

Using the night to ready the day is all about giving your future self a helping hand. My wife is brilliant at this. We have two daughters under the ages of three, so, every night she does the following:

• She loads and starts the dishwasher. This ensures every dish will be clean and available to use tomorrow.

• She starts breakfast. She sets out sippy cups, appliances, plates, forks, napkins, non-refrigerated foods, etc. She literally sets out any and everything to help make breakfast time go as smooth as possible.

• She sets her books, journal and pen next to the side table where she will be reading tomorrow morning. This guarantees she won’t have to waste time tracking down a missing book the following day. 

Knocking these things out the night before eliminates surprises, extinguishes “rush” and allows her to focus more on the things that matter. 

Why not make it a game? Try and figure out how many things you can do the night before that will prepare you for a peaceful, purposeful day tomorrow. Readying yourself at night secures for yourself a reward come sun up.