The vice of willful blindness is easy to fall prey to. It has to do with reality avoidance. When we're operating in willful blindness, we're dead set on refusing to look at the handwriting on the wall. We instead cling to the belief that, “As long as I don’t look, the problem isn’t there.” 

In my early twenties I engaged in this vice as it related to the balance of my checking account. As long as I didn’t log in and look at it, it wasn’t overdrawn! 

Let's call what all of this refusing-to-see really is, an act of cowardice. The opposite of willful blindness is willful seeing, an act of courage because it involves taking a good hard look

Refusing to open your eyes and examine the evidence is no way to live. Try this. Take a trusted friend or mentor out for coffee and ask him where he may discern blind spots in your life. Listen closely. Thank him for his insight. Then spend every day thereon with eyes wide open.